About me

 In 1986, tired of yet another prescription of antibiotics for my chronic sinusitis, my mum took me to a homeopath who at last was able to help me. I was eleven years old and this was my first encounter with homeopathy. I have been inspired by its gentle but powerful effects ever since.


As a teenager, I treated myself for exam-stress and hangovers. During pregnancy, I took remedies to support my changing body. And today as a mother, I use homeopathy to nurture and enhance the health and vitality of my three children.


Before training as a homeopath, I worked as a communications specialist for several high-profile charities, campaigning for human rights, peace and the environment. Underpinning all this is a love of nature, a belief in humanity and a commitment to a more natural and ethical approach to life. It is this very same ethos that has turned my attentions to homeopathy. I am passionate about supporting people who are striving for a healthier and more harmonious life.

After four years of rigorous training, I graduated as an Advanced Practitioner from the prestigious School of Homeopathy. I am a member of the Society of Homeopaths, the UK's largest register of professional homeopaths. I also volunteer as a Trustee for Homeopathy in the Sussex Community, an organisation that offers low-cost homeopathy for vulnerable groups in my local area.

I live in Rodmell, near Lewes. When I am not working, I'm looking after my three children and enjoying the beautiful South Downs.

Read more about my journey to homeopathy here


"I cannot recommend Jo highly enough. Her treatment has played a major part in resolving issues my baby had with eczema and food intolerances. His skin changed from being angry and sore to almost clear within a matter of weeks and has remained much improved along with his mood. She is so attentive and welcoming and has put so much time, love and care into his healing journey."


"Jo has been my first experience of homeopathy and I've been surprised and overjoyed with the results. Her approach is very person centred, patient and kind."



"Jo has been treating me and my children for over a year and the results have been incredible. She has helped me with IBS that has troubled me for years and has also helped me with some emotional challenges with significant breakthroughs. Her intuitive and empathic nature creates a safe, healing and non-judgemental space. I highly recommend her as a health practitioner."



"Jo's warmth and compassion allows me and my children to open up fully in our consultations and to share openly, allowing her into our inner worlds. The homeopathic remedies we have received have helped with a multitude of issues - from eczema to anxiety to acute headaches and tummy bugs. I love the collaborative process, and the results never cease to amaze me!"