What to expect

We are all unique

Homeopathy works holistically and treats each person as an individual. It’s my job to get a deep understanding of you and your health concerns. Together we build up a picture to help me find the remedy that is the best match for you.

Your first consultation
This will last around one and a half hours. During this confidential and in-depth appointment, we will explore the details of your symptoms. We will also talk about other aspects of your life such as your medical history, how you respond to stress, your likes and dislikes and all the things that make you an individual. I will take notes which will of course be kept confidential.

Follow ups

The first follow up consultation is usually around four to six weeks after the first prescription. Follow up sessions are normally a little shorter, lasting around one hour. We will talk in depth about how you are and discuss any changes that have occurred. I will then decide on the next step in your treatment. As you progress, the follow up consultations can be spread further apart to six weeks, two months, and so on. Many patients like to maintain a regular contact by coming to see me every six months or so, so that any problems can be addressed quickly before they have time to become entrenched.

Getting better

People often wonder how long it will take to get well. This can vary enormously depending on how long you have been unwell in the first place. When a remedy is well-matched to the patient there are likely to be signs of improvement within the first month even if they have been unwell for a long time, but it would be unrealistic to expect a complete cure this quickly.

The remedy is selected from all the information you are able to give me. I always do my best to match this information as closely as possible to the remedy but sometimes some fine-tuning is needed until the most accurate (and therefore most effective) remedy is found.

While conventional drugs work by suppressing or masking symptoms, the aim of homeopathy is to address the underlying problem. If the journey into your present condition has been a long and gradual process, the journey back to health may also be long – but at least you will be heading in the right direction!

"It is far more important to know what person the disease has, than what disease the person has."